Wednesday, August 7, 2013

thinking through the digital -early notes

  • Why does the digital have such deep relationships with globalization and neo liberal cosmopolitanism terms?- we know that the digital technological revolution layered the technological back bone of globalization; but the linkages i am dwelling on are beyond 'technological' or economic. For example, globalization flattens the world (at least promises to), making it a level field of information exchange (and potentially knowledge production) - the digital camera does not capture 'depth of field', creating a trend of 'flat photography'-what fissures does this metaphoric coincidences open up?
  • Steel and glass, have become the markers of globalization and neo liberal architecture. they characteristically create architecture which has an 'anywhere in the world feeling'...Helsinki, Gurgaon ..anywhere. Optically steel and glass mimic the flatness of the digital other words...steel and glass architecture is most often uni planer in its design conceptualization. 
  • if digital is not just technology and if it also has aesthetic implications...then what can be digital ethics?
  • is the notion of digital ethics encoded within digital idealism?
  • the change from a metropolitan city to a cosmopolitan city,  is often a change in which labour is made invisible and marginalized. does it have metaphorical parallels in the invisibility of the brush stroke, the glitch.  (and is it strange that the core of digital aesthetic discourse can be found in Idealism, a  studio album by German electronic music duo Digitalism
  • At the height of the contemporary boom, paintings began to mimic digital prints

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