Monday, July 15, 2013

Feminism and the Post-Digital

The liberal world view and ethics which are integral to Digital aesthetics, has lead to a marginalization of the Radical Feminist Movement. Neo liberal is the soci-cultural voice of the post industrialist (late capitalist) society. In this socio-economic context choice has largely been advertised as consumerist choice. 

This notion of choice (i am free if i am free to buy anything i Desire), has lead to an entire generation of urban educated upper class women who refuse to call them selves feminists. "I am not a feminist" is the catch phase which i find very disturbing.  however, it does betray the neo liberal tendency to refute any location, or a particular stance in one's Desire to be a part of a globallised cosmopolitan oneness. 

after long struggles when feminism itself had just come to a point which could understand women across the world as a marginalized class, neo liberalism made the notion of class itself unfashionable. 

The larger system of colonisation of the women's mind and body has continued, yet we see that there is little sign of grassroots mobilisation, limited engagement with the changing role of women in and out of work, in society and in the household,  hardly any activism on marital rape and so much more.

I am wondering that now that the ethical structure of neo liberalism is being challenged, can we imagine a new feminism in a post-digital age?.

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